Why you need crystals in your skincare!

Why you need crystals in your skincare!

We believe that skincare starts from within.

You are all aware of the benefits of drinking plenty of water, but are you aware of other factors that contribute to your skin's appearance?
Stress, lack of sleep and your general flow can affect your skins appearance.

By infusing crystals to our skincare we can help balance your flow and mindset. Crystals can encourage a chain reaction effect of other benefits. Like minimizing your stress to promote healthy rejuvenation, happiness, and relaxation.

Amethyst can curb inflammation and increase circulation.
This gemstone helps to oxygenate the skin and moisturise by encouraging water retention. 


Mayflower Beauty

We are extremely excited to announce that NZ RAW skincare is now available from Mayflower Beauty!!! This means our wonderful customers can now purchase our amazing products in a salon. whilst you are there you need to check out Amy's breathtakingly stunning nails, so if you are in Palmerston North (New Zealand) pop into 346 Albert ST and walk out with all your favorite skincare and some Instagram worthy nails!



Don't forget to check out our Instagram NZ_RAW for more gorgeous pictures of our products. You can also send in your own NZ RAW photos in for us to display and tag you in.

Label change.

Greetings to all our lovely "NZ RAW" ladies and gentlemen,
This morning you will have noticed a change to our website and to our products. We hope you all enjoy our classy new look, just in time for Christmas (Gift idea alert!!!!).
Hopefully everyone is keeping well and staying safe this holiday season.

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Beauty Balm

We have had a lot of interest in our Beauty Balms lately, people have started to realize the benefits of oils and starting to ditch the creams. so bravo to all those brave people and I am sure you will be seeing some results very soon!
Look forward to meeting more lovely people at the markets and sending out more balms to our fantastic customers.

Love the NZ RAW team xxx