Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes, we use only natural and quality ingredients.
However we always advise to patch test a new product or request for certain ingredient(s) to be removed from any of our  products.

I don't have a skincare routine?
Skincare doesn't need to be complicated.
We advise following a simple three step routine.

Step 1.) Cleanse
Cleanse your face with  Cleansing Balm and /or Cleanse.
To melt away all the dirt and grime that has been built up on your skin throughout the day.

Step 2.) Tone
After removing dirt and grime from cleansing, remove dead skin cells from your face with Tone

Step 3.) Moisturise
This is the most important step. Moisturising is the key for healthy skin.
You can use Moisturise or your Cleansing balm as a moisturiser.
Your skin works overtime while you sleep so for dehydrated and dull skin we recommend using Moisturise for your nightly routine. 

Where is NZRAW skincare made?

We handcraft all our products here in New Zealand.

Are your products cruelty free?

We test our products on our family and friends... never on Bambi and his friends.
We DO NOT test our finished products or our ingredients on animals or contract a third party for testing and we do not sell our products in mainland China.

Are your Products vegan?

We only use natural plant based waxes, butters and emollients. 
Our entire range apart from Everything Balm and Baby Balm are vegan friendly. These two products contain beeswax and New Zealand Manuka honey. 

Will my balm melt in warm weather?

You may find a slight fluctuation in the solidity of your balm due to our ingredients being unrefined, chemical and additive free.
To prevent your balm from melting, store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. If you find that it does melt, simply place your balm in the fridge to solidify. Your balm will return to its solid state when the temperature decreases. 

Do you allow returns?

Due to the nature of our products we are unable to offer returns.
We do our best to deliver quality products and some variants may occur due to the fact our products are handmade.
In the rare event that you have any issues with your order please contact us so we can help find the best solution for you.

Do you offer wholesale?

Please message us via our contact us page to receive our wholesale information.

Shipping Policy:

How long will my order take to be dispatched?
Provided the goods are in stock, please allow up to 2 business days for the dispatch notification to be emailed to you.

How long will delivery take to arrive?
New Zealand orders: Allow 3-10 business days to receive your order.
International orders: Allow 3-28 business days to receive your order (it will depend on your selected country and Customs handling).

Customers will be responsible for any duty and import taxes their country imposes.
We will always try to have products delivered to you as soon as possible.